‚ÄčShore Orthotic & Prosthetic Specialists

Our Orthotic and Prosthetic Specialist Staff are the highest qualified Orthotists in New Zealand, we will evaluate and design Orthoses (insoles/braces) for patients requiring protective support or correction due to injury, muscle/ bone impairment, disease, or deformity. We will work with you in supplying your foot orthotics. Usually, we make custom orthotics which are made in-house and therefore, cost-effective. Often our custom orthoses are the same price as off the shelf orthoses from other suppliers. Using our Clinical Expertise and our Digital Gait Analysis System in Auckland based clinics, we can identify the issues causing the problems. We will supply Foot orthotics (Arch supports) for all types of conditions from pain relief from recent trauma, sport associated injuries, Biomechanical insufficiencies, sore heels to Orthotics for Pes Cavus / Pes Planus feet (orthotics for High arch and orthotics for flat feet). 

 Utilising our training and expertise in biomechanics, gait analysis, material science and diagnostic imaging techniques, we work to restore mobility, to prevent or limit disability and return people to their optimal life style.

Shore Orthotics implements a Foot Guidance System (FGS) that reflects a "less is more" philosophy.  The foot is gently steered back to its normal path,  whereby reducing the risk.  We supply foot Orthotics, Custom foot Orthotics, Gait Analysis. As well as Ankle and Knee Orthoses for the lower limb. For the rest of the body, we offer all types of Orthoses.