Shore Orthotics prices are affordable. You may be suffering unnecessarily because you believe that orthotics are too expensive. We will assess your problem and advise you about the range of solutions and costs of what we can do to help. From accommodative soft orthotics to orthotics for plantar fasciitis, we are the most cost effective company for orthotics in Auckland. Orthotics cost less than you might imagine. 

Don't let pain spoil your life.  Come and see us for an assessment. You have nothing to lose but your pain. We supply all possible types of orthotics, i.e. orthotics for plantar fasciitis, orthotics for flat feet, we also do orthotics and prosthetics for all other levels. Prices on application.

  Pricing                                                                         Private      ACC        Ins. Companies.

 Initial Consult (No Gait Analysis)                                                                - $145       FREE*    Price on Request

 3 D Gait Analysis and initial consultation                                                -  $185       FREE*    Price on Request    


 We offer 

   1. Custom moulded foot orthotics Dynamic Latex                                   - $ POR    FREE*     Price on Request

   2. Custom moulded foot orthotics Dynamic Latex Children                   - $ POR    FREE*    Price on Request

   3. Custom moulded foot orthotics 3D Printed  low profile                     - $ POR     FREE*    Price on Request

   4. Custom moulded foot orthotics Laminated, Carbon UCBL                - $ POR     FREE*    Price on Request

     * Certain criteria needs to be met.

 ‚ÄčOther prices upon request

Call (09) 479 3874 / 021249 3968 or click on the EZYBOOK link to book an initial assessment and advice or email and one of our Orthotic and Prosthetic specialists will be in touch with you shortly. There is no obligation to proceed with the therapy but we can usually provide a solution that will suit both your problem   and your budget. Treatment may be eligible for ACC or other subsidies. So, if it hurts, come and let us have a look at it! 

Our range of services and solutions is vast. At Shore Orthotics our assessments include everything from a quick look at   your problem to sophisticated procedures like Foot pressure measurement, gait analysis and sophisticated spinal assessment for scoliosis or chronic pain. 

We can provide solutions ranging from simple and inexpensive shoes assessment or custom insoles to improve foot comfort to highly sophisticated braces for scoliosis or prostheses for amputees. Foot Guidance System for optimal comfort and function. 

Our expertise and experience with various types of foot orthotics enables us to provide a range of effective and comfortable devices that accurately fit the foot and shoe to "guide the foot" to function correctly. This Foot Guidance System of orthotics enables us relieve the pain of common foot and leg problems, improve function and prevent injuries for athletes and also provide effective protection from foot ulcers for patients with Diabetes. 

 We respect our medical colleagues. Orthotic devices can interfere with the other therapies you are receiving. At Shore Orthotics, we consult and communicate with your Doctor, Physiotherapist or other therapists to ensure that your orthotics are compatible with your other treatments. We understand that cooperation between medical professions to provide a  proper combination of treatments provides Shore Orthotics prices are affordable. You may be suffering unnecessarily because you believe that orthotics are too expensive. We will assess your problem and advise you about the range of solutions and costs of what we can do to help.