What does Shore Orthotics offer?
Shore Orthotics are capable of designing, fabricating and fitting patients with custom made Orthoses and Prostheses. We consult, evaluate and provide treatments to all age groups with varying needs, including people with everyday complaints, sports people with injuries and patients recovering from surgery.

The 3 things you need to know about Shore Orthotics:  

Satisfaction guarantee with devices Shore Orthotics offers patients’ a comprehensive range of superior products and services, all provided under the assurance of guaranteed support. We are confident in our ability to properly assess your problem and provide a device that is appropriate, affordable, effective and compatible with the other treatments such as Physiotherapy, Surgery or rehabilitation that you are receiving.  If you not satisfied with the device we endeavour to correct and or alter it until comfortable. We will not persuade patients to purchase expensive devices that fail to meet the patient’s expectations or needs.
Correctly prescribed and fitted orthotics get you better faster!  Our devices are comfortable, protective and functional.  Over the counter braces or proper prescribed and fitted devices are often overly restrictive, uncomfortable and likely to cause adverse effects such as loss of joint mobility and muscle weakness. To get the best results from orthotics therapy, the device will be adjusted as healing and rehabilitation progress.  With proper management and expertise, problems will completely resolve and use of the orthotic may no longer be required.
Correctly prescribed orthotic devices can help most people. Everyone suffers from muscle and joint problems at some time in their life. Overuse, injury, ageing and degeneration cause pain and restrict activity and enjoyment of life. Splints, braces and orthotic devices reduce the stress on painful structures to relieve pain, promote healing and prevent further deterioration and deformity. Orthotists have the proper training and experience to accurately assess your problem and prescribe a device that is customised to be comfortable and effective.  A correct orthotic device supports and protects the injured part while still allowing enough movement to maintain function and be comfortable.

Gary Seaman - Orthotist & Prosthetist MSc.

Principal Orthotist & Prosthetist - Nat Dip Ortho & Pros SA; Dip Clinical Gait Analysis; MSc. Rehabilitation Science - Clinical Gait Analysis and Advanced Prosthetics. Strathclyde University - Scotland 2006

Gary Seaman’s family has been involved in this medical field for three generations and in 1985 he qualified as an Orthotist and it Prosthetist. 

In 2006 Gary received a Masters degree in Rehabilitation Science from the National Centre for Prosthetics and Orthotics University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland.  During his Masters degree he specialised in Clinical Gait Analysis and advanced prosthetics.
Gary has worked and consulted in Orthotics and Prosthetics in South Africa, Germany, Denmark, Romania, Hungary, Iceland, The USA, Australia and New Zealand. Consulted extensively for several Orthotic and Prosthetic companies within Europe and New Zealand. In 2008 he moved to New Zealand with his family taking up the role of Clinical Director at the Orthotics Center in Auckland, before starting up Shore Orthotics at the beginning of 2010.  As a result of his varied undertakings over the last 25 years, Gary’s areas of expertise are extremely wide. 
In addition to his career experience, Gary has an extensive sporting background, having run in excess of 50 marathons (for fun ran 6 marathons in 7 weeks), 30 ultra-marathons and 20 Ultra triathlons (15 swim Tri's and 5 Canoe Tri's) and competed as a river and sea canoeist for 20 years.

About Us

Shore Orthotics’ mission statement of guaranteed support is infused at all levels of the business and our goal is to satisfy our patient’s specific requirements. We will not persuade patients to purchase expensive devices that fail to meet their expectations or needs.