The body is an interconnected system of components that is a biomechanical kinetic chain where abnormal movements in one area can interfere with other connected area. Joints and muscles of the body function efficiently when they are biomechanically balanced. During standing and walking, our bodies are subjected to natural forces and postures that can inflict mechanical stress and strain throughout the interconnected chain of joints and muscles. 
When walking on natural surfaces, the body compensates for the uneven and undulating terrain. Since roads and shoes have been introduced, feet have been forced into positions that they were not designed for.

To reduce these effects we designed the Foot Guidance Systems – FGS a gentle guiding system that restores your gait line back to your “normal” line. What does this mean? Well, each one of us has our own unique gait pattern and within this pattern there are inconsistencies or small biomechanical alignments that cause pain and or discomfort.

By using gentle intrinsic guidance support, we guide the heel into following your recommended gait path, the support of the arch where necessary and again redirect the forefoot on its path. Each pair individually designed for your personal requirements. We use semi-rigid materials that are hand crafted to be rigid in support areas and flexible where necessary.

Therefore, we need to mimic the missing feeling under our feet and so the Foot Guidance System was developed. We would like to introduce you to the FOOT GUIDANCE SYSTEM – FGS fundamentally we believe that the foot is a unit that under normal (environmental) activities does not need any assistance to walk or run. Normal environment being the sand grass etc., which our great earth is made up of. The problems start to emerge when the FOOT continually interacts with the HARD FLAT surfaces that most of us walk on most of the time. In a way, these HARD FLAT are a form of Orthotic that acts externally on the feet causing them to REACT in a certain manner. The aim of the FSG Foot Orthotics is to balance out these reactions of the HARD FLAT surface and to let the feet move as if they were walking or running over beach sand, therefore putting the BAREFOOT feeling back into life.   

What is the BAREFEET feeling? When walking on the beach, our feet sink into the sand, resulting in even pressure distribution to most parts of the underside of the foot. Thereby connect with most of the MECHANORECEPTORS that feedback exactly what us under our feet. When we walk on HARD FLAT surfaces and in shoes much of this information is not able to be transmitted back to the brain. Resulting in poor balance, poor muscle response, and poor proprioception. At Shore Orthotics we imitate the BAREFOOT feeling in the shoes by making Foot orthotics that contour to the foot like the beach sand does. We can do this with both the soft and Rigid Foot Orthotics.