Specialising in clinical gait analysis and biomechanical orthotics that re-engineer and re-balance the feet and body. Our Philosophy; patients first - pain last. By using the less is more approach, we gently guide the foot and body back to health. We use Digital gait analysis to break down the way you walk or run part by part, evaluate any underlying cause of your foot pain and then apply that to any orthotics you have or may require. One of the many advances in Gait Analysis has been the use of 3D Podoscans to measure different pressure points in different places of the feet.


By looking at the mechanics of the body and the structures involved we can effectively assess the cause of many injuries and eliminate what caused the pain in the first place.


See real-life results from leading clinicians using Tekscan technology!


Tekscan offers a broad range of easy-to-use and proven tools for assessing foot function through force and pressure distribution analysis. Unique insights on foot function from these systems help clinicians determine the root cause of problems in the lower extremities.

With Tekscan's pressure measurement mat, you can be confident that you are always receiving objective and actionable information to address and treat foot function abnormalities.  foot function analysis systems provide insights to help you:

Identify asymmetries between the left and right foot
Monitor the effectiveness of treatments
Easily compare pre and post treatments with automated reporting
Educate patients about their pathologies with visual biofeedback
Identify plantar pressure profile discrepancies between left and right feet


An understanding of lower limb biomechanics is essential to providing optimal treatment for foot function abnormalities.

Custom Foot Orthotics - Package

Custom Foot Orthotics Package of $440, includes the following:We offer a package for your foot orthotics. The package covers the initial Assessment and  Biomechanical Digital Gait Analysis, one set of custom foot orthotics and the follow up appointments. You are also given the moulds of your feet that the custom orthotics were made from.We will email you a copy of the Biomechanical Digital Gait Analysis, subsequent pairs costs $245 per pair. All prices are GST inclusive.
If you are unsure and only want to have the Assessment and Biomechanical Digital Gait Analysis, make an appointment on line. We can discuss your needs and the options available before you commit to the package cost.