Easy Walk® AFO - a line of new generation prefabricated orthoses made of carbon fibre through the employment of pre-preg technology. They were developed in close cooperation between the Ortho Baltic specialists and the orthopaedists of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU).


All models are made of carbon fibre or combination of it with composite materials. Therefore the orthoses are solid, very light and functional. One of the main advantages of the articles from carbon fibre is that after they undergo technological treatment, a “spring” effect is obtained, which facilitates walking to a great extent.

Comfort and great look

The models are adapted to the same size of footwear usually worn by the patient and owing to thin structure they are barely visible under clothing. A strap system allows fastening the orthoses to the calf with just one hand. As the articals are made of carbon fibre, they are especially hygienic and do not cause allergy.


We offer a range of models in the Easy Walk® AFO line. AFO10-A is a “foot drop” orthosis from pure carbon fibre. AFO10-E Eco is an economy version produced by combing carbon fibre with composite materials. Easy Walk® AFO-10T Stability covers more indications. It is designed to provide dynamic assistance with ankle instability control. Easy Walk® AFO-10F ensures maximum ankle support and allows patient to have total medial-lateral control of the foot and ankle complex due to strong lateral fixation of lower leg.

Easy Walk® CUSTOM

This is how we call our central fabrication service of custom-made pre-preg carbon fibre orthoses in Ortho Baltic. It was developed by merging our expertise in central fabrication of orthopaedic products with the long-term production know-how of prefabricated „drop-foot“ orthoses from pre-preg carbon fibre.

Coming from automobile and aviation industries, pre-preg carbon fibre is becoming widely recognized as a superb material in orthopaedics due to the excellent physical characteristics, elevating the final product to the currently unsurpassable level of functionality and comfort. Furthermore, carbon fibre products have much higher fatigue limits than those made of other materials, i.e. their properties are diminishing much less during the wear. Consequently, the orthoses are more durable and stay functional significantly longer, providing maximum assistance for the patient.

Today, our custom-made carbon fibre orthoses are already well-known because of their quality. The whole range of lower limb orthoses are available: FO (Foot Orthosis), AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis), KO (Knee Orthosis), and complicated KAFO (Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis).

The Posterior Dynamic Element (PDE™)

Modular Composite Spring System

Specifically designed for O&P devices, the PDE© is a modular composite spring system designed as a "plug and play" spring kit to address dynamic response bracing, unloading bracing, as well as prosthetic partial foot devices, and more.

Features include:

Modular design
Contoured-fit spring
Five categories
Exclusive Click Medical™ cuff system
Post alignable

has nine weight / activity category choices to choose from to address dynamic response bracing and many other conditions related to Orthotics and Prosthetic bracing needs.